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bbq pig, north carolina style


Dig a hole or pit sufficiently large so that when the pig
is place over it there will be a 4 or 5 inch margin at 
both ends and at one side, the other side should have a 
margin of at least 20 inches so that coals can be easily 
placed under the pig when cooking. The depth of the
pit should be such that the pig will be 8 to 10 inches
from the coals when cooking. Put 3 or 4 iron rods across 
the pit to put the pig on. Since coals (only) are used 
in cooking, a fire will have to built in a separate location
This should be on an elevated wire grating with a 2 or 3 inch
mesh so that the coals cannot drop through. Hardwoods, 
preferably oak make the best coals. Select a pig which 
weigh approximately 65 pounds when dressed. Cut off head 
and slit down entire length of belly. Open up the pig so 
it will lie flat. 


A sauce for mopping (basting), while cooking is made by
using 1 1/2 quarts of vinegar seasoned to taste with red
pepper pods. A simple mop can be made by tying a rag 
around the end of a stick. 


Place the pig on the iron rods across pit with the skin up, 
and it stays in this position until it is nearly finished 
cooking. Put a thin layer of live coals in the pit under the 
entire surface of the pig, and replenish the coals from time 
to time. Cook slowly it should take from 6 to 7 hours. Mop 
the skin side with the sauce 3 or 4 times while cooking. In 
this position the pig should be practically done and to a 
beautiful brown on the underside. However, be careful not to 
put the coals under it too fast or too freely as it will burn. 
When it is determined that it is done, rub the skin side with 
a thin coating of lard and turn the pig over so that the skin
side will be over the coals. Let stay  long enough for the 
skin to become brown and crisp. While skin is browning add
some salt to the vinegar sauce and mop freely on the cooked
side. This is for seasoning. 
When the cooking process is completed take the pig off and allow 
to cool only long enough to be handled. Cut it up into small
pieces with a knife, DO NOT run it though meat chopper. When it 
is cut up put it into a large container and season it to taste
using the same sauce as for the cooking, but with salt added. 
The seasoning should be worked into the meat thoroughly. 
This should be served with coleslaw and real corn bread.


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